Fire Alarm Systems

The task is to design & install fire alarm systems that vary between customer to customer & building to building. We have various technology and solution that removes all the barriers to designers to provide flexible solution to their customers. We offer conventional, addressable, wireless and IP based fire detection solution products.

Addressable Fire Alarm System:

Analogue addressable fire detection continuously monitors the environmental changes like temperature, smoke level, flammable gas, etc. All the sensors can be interconnected using just one cable (2 core). The system not only saves cable, it provides lots of information & also triggers various associated equipments.

Wireless Fire Alarm System:

The place where cabling is not possible, wireless system can be used. Wireless detectors, MCPs & sounders can also be a part of addressable fire alarm system for which suitable interface units shall be used.

Conventional Fire Alarm System:

Conventional fire alarm system is one of the oldest methods used. This system can be used for very small offices, shops, etc. Existing conventional system can be integrated with analogue addressable system.

Hybrid Fire Alarm System:

Combination of various technology devices like Addressable, Wireless , Conventional Detectors / MCP, Hooters are linked together and formed as a system called Hybrid System. Thanks to the technology.

Budget Fire Alarm System:

Budget Fire Alarm System is designed to build simple and cost effective solution which aims at Fire Safety for all.