Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprilkler systems 01We have done all of installing fire sprinkler systems with skill and quality at cost-effective prices and having the internal resources to stand behind our work.

We offer you a creative, common-sense approach to fire suppression design, installation,service, and inspection.

Fire Sprinkler Design

Fire and Safety Technology(FAST). has the proven ability to develop, layout and install turn-key fire sprinkler systems, on time and on budget. We offer the unique combination of managerial and technical expertise essential to complete any new or retrofit fire sprinkler design project.

When we’re part of the design team, you’ll get more than just skilled professionals with a comprehensive knowledge of codes and fire protection system requirements, you’ll also receive the valuable benefit of a dedicated work ethic. As a result of our qualifications, the process of concept to final product moves smoothly, so the owner or tenant is in the building faster and at lower cost.

With the use of advanced 3D CAD design programs our designers can interactively coordinate fire sprinkler design with other trades on the project to eliminate fire sprinkler installation conflicts and expedite project completion. Looking at the pictures on the right, you’ll see how close the virtual plans resemble the actual project.

Count on us for the accurate preparation of fire sprinkler design concepts, detailed specifications, installation plans, budgetary criteria and the ability to assist with necessary feasibility planning. We make value engineering recommendations that will help create a project of the highest quality with effective, efficient use of capital.

Fire Sprilkler systems 02Service

Fire and Safety Technology (FAST). stands ready to handle emergencies of any magnitude. We employ specially trained teams of technicians who are there when you need them most – providing 24-hour-a-day, 7 days-a-week fire sprinkler service. Our technicians have the experience to immediately assess damages or problems and decide what is required to resolve the situation.

Fire Sprinkler System Inspections

Fire Sprilkler systems 03

Fire and Safety Technology(FAST). offers periodic fire sprinkler system inspection programs, as required by the latest national codes, to our customers ensuring the ongoing reliability of their fire protection systems.

A written report by the inspector targets changes and provides helpful suggestions that may result in reduction of your insurance premiums. Our professional inspectors and service personnel possess up-to-date knowledge of fire codes, many insurance requirements, and the various types of fire protection systems.

With our fire sprinkler system inspection and service team checks you can rest assured that your systems are prepared to offer life safety for the building’s occupants and property protection.

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We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with any of your fire sprinkler system or design needs.